Interview: Rohan Herbstreit -

I/V: Rohan Herbstreit - Ringside Consulting & 3rd Dec 2003


What makes a good promoter?

Someone who understands their audience, and isn't afraid to take risks.

What were the key elements to the success of the WWE?

The era in which it really grew from being a wrestling company to a 'sports entertainment / media' company, which I think was really re-defined in the '80s and then again in the late 90's which made it a global entertainment company.

Why has wresting been so popular in Australian over the years?

It was a sport that could be easily followed and related to with wrestlers from all over the world which appealed to a wide variety of people that grew up on it. You just have to look at the history of 'World Championship Wrestling' from Festival Hall in Melbourne to understand why it was popular at its
prime, and how a new generation of fans now see 'sports entertainment' at home instead of at a venue like Festival Hall for example.

Why is it important to acknowledge wrestling' rich history?

To appreciate where it has come from, to where it is now. I think the history is something that shouldn't be forgotten.

When did (previously WWF Down Under), really take off, and what promoting techniques have you found to be successful for yourself, and the people you represent?

About 6 months into WNA I think it grew on people, and was boosted with the addition of the new forums. The domain name is much easier to remember and we are finding our 'niche audience which is now keeping the number of viewers steadily climbing.

What are the biggest mistakes that wrestling promoters make?

Not communicating to their fan base in terms of listening to what people want to see, and what type of product they are actually presenting.

What are your favourite venues to watch wrestling, or any other event in Australia, and why?

In Australia I think Melbourne Park always has a great atmosphere, you just have to look at the last WWE show to appreciate how great an indoor venue like the Tennis Centre really is.


Rohan really knows his wrestling, and his wrestling promoters, having dealt with many promoters over the years. Wrestling.Net.Au is a must visit for any true wrestling fan, or the media types, looking to have a better understanding of what the professional wrestling business is all about.


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