Interview - David Tyler

Interview: David Tyler, Director - Connelly Key Joint: 15th July 2004

What's your background?

A. I was a builder for 15 years before joining Connolly Key Joint. During that time I was using the product for many years before coming to work here. I actually built the owners house (Paul Connolly) and he asked me to come and work for him at CKJ when the house was nearing completion.

How did Connolly Key Joint develop?

A. It was the brainchild of local builder Paul Connolly. He was tired of the slow and ineffective fixing system for the key joint that was on the market at the time so he devised and patented his own peg and wedge fixing method. After building his own equipment to roll form the new product he began selling it to local hardware stores and eventually had it taken up by a major reseller network.

To what do you attribute your success, including numerous awards over the years?

A. Being an innovative company committed to producing a quality product and delivering good service. The company is run under a Quality Assurance system in compliance with ISO9001:2000.

What's your motto?

A. "The best joint in town"

What aspects of your product does the market find most appealing?

A. The fact that it is a quality product that they know is easy to install and it works. We have a very reliable production, dispatch and transport system that ensure our distributors get the correct product, in good condition and in very fast delivery times.

What are your most popular products?

A. Our key joint products are our most popular product line. We also have the largest range of accessory capping strips of any manufacture in the world. Our smaller crack inducers are also gaining popularity along with our dowel sleeve products. Interest in the new expansion joint that has just been released is very promising for the future.

What is your company turnover?

A. Over 2 million dollars per year.

Are your products 100% Australian made?

A. Over 99%. All our roll formed products are Australian made (in Casino) from Australian made steel and most of our plastic products are made in either Casino or Brisbane.

What guarantees and / or "SLAs" (service level guarantees) do you offer?

A. None.

How do you "give back" to the community?

A. We recently sponsored the Evans Head/Casino Surf Life Saving Club for the purchase of a new competition boat. This was $20,000 donation to the club.

What is the best advice you ever received?

A. Dick Smith once said the best way to be successful in business is to provide excellent customer service. You don't have to be selling something new or cheaper, just sell the same products as others but offer a better level of service. I believe we sell better products and our customer service focus is very high.


Editors note: Media Man Australia is proud to be assisting in the exposure efforts of such a go ahead company. A remarkable Australian company.

David adds:

Did you see my photo in the Northern Star last Thursday 7 July? Page 14 I think. Getting a commendation award (additional to the Designbuild award) at the Northern Rivers Innovation Awards.


David Tyler
General Manager

Connolly Key Joint Pty Ltd
Ph.: 02 6662 4055
Fax.: 02 6662 3263


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