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Gambling on an outcome - 9th April 2009


Wrestlers and Arnold Schwarzenegger Gambling, Poker Connection - 4th May 2009
(Credit: Gambling911)

Ric Flair recently signed a deal to be a spokesperson for the lottery in the Carolinas... The Shelby, NC Star ran a story noting that Ric, David, and Reid Flair are scheduled to appear on Saturday at the Rec Center for a charity show to raise for the Shelby City Parks and Police Department. If he attends this would be Reid's first public appearance since his arrest last weekend.

"This is of course totally the opposite direction to Jesse Ventura's stance on gambling, at least publicly," notes Media Man, Greg Tingle.

Tingle made reference to Ventura's support of an online gambling enterprise,, where he was a paid spokesperson for more than two years. Interestingly enough, the state of Minnesota for which Ventura served as Governor, announced last week it will try to block access to online gambling websites from citizens of that state.

Then there is California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a one time friend of both men, who reportedly would support an initiative in his state to legalize online poker.

In November 2004, an advertisement began airing in California featuring Ventura. In it, Ventura voices his opposition to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's policies regarding Native American casinos, the very casinos that stand in the way of the proposed poker legislation. Schwarzenegger and Ventura have not spoken in years, according to reports.

In September 2005, Ventura announced on The Mike Malloy Show that he was leaving the U.S. and planned to "have an adventure". In late October 2005, he went on the The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and reiterated that he was leaving the U.S. due to, among other things, censorship. He has since moved to Baja California, Mexico.


Lotto loss hits agents, by James Campbell - 11th March 2009
(Credit: Herald Sun)

Documents leaked to the Sunday Herald Sun reveal the dire plight of Intralot's lotto agents.

Hundreds of documents show that between the end of September last and January, 204 of the company's 769 agents - who each paid between $8000 and $10,000 for their licences - lost money each week selling the company's products.

Another 196 agents each made less than $22 a week from selling Intralot's Keno, Lucky Lines, Bingo and scratchies.

The worst performing product was Lucky Lines, which averaged only $44 a week across all the agencies. Sales of Bingo have also been a disaster for the company, with agents averaging only $53 in sales each week.

The best performer was the company's scratchies, which averaged $1287 in sales.

The documents show many agencies went weeks without selling a single Lucky Lines, Bingo or Keno ticket.

The revelations come as a group of lotto agents is considering taking legal action against the Greek gambling giant.

"We've spoken to lawyers and are working out our next step," an agent said yesterday.

Intralot's Australian chief John Katakis said on Thursday that two-thirds of the company's agents were now making money.

But Lotto Agents Association of Victoria chief Peter Judkins rejected the claim, saying the Sunday Herald Sun's figures were consistent with what his members had been telling him.

"They appear to be in line with the anecdotes we've been hearing," he said.

"There are approximately 300 to 400 retailers who are nowhere near covering their costs."

Rebecca Harrison, a spokeswoman for Gaming Minister Tony Robinson, said he met regularly with stakeholders.

"In a meeting with LAAV this week, the minister noted agents' concerns about Intralot's performance," she said.



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