The Down Under Channel

The Down Under Channel


Uniquely Australian programming and content

Financed by property developers, venture capitalists, community organisations and Australian brand companies

Potentially broadcast into Australia via New Zealand Channel 58

Programming would include for example:

Regional news updates and information

Australian cult films and documentaries

Australian classic professional wrestling and boxing

Coastal News and information

Australian Entrepreneurs

Property Developer features

Living Legends - The Characters of Australia

"Tall Tales from the Outback"

"Publicity Stunt"

The original "Crocodile Safari Man" (Keith Adams) "Australian Safari"

Steve "Crusher" Rackman ("Donk") in Crocodile Dundee

Arts and Entertainment

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The Tourist Channel

The Yachting Channel

The Fashion Channel

The Weather Channel

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The Media Channel

The Shopping Channel

Australian Authors

Australian Brand Channel

Australian Bikies

Comedy Down Under

Motorsport Down Under

Australian Sports Stars



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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Australian Story

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*note: Media Man Australia, associates and clients do have 1000's of hours of footage ready to broadcast.