Casino currency and a traditional symbol: what you need to know about chips

Casino currency and a traditional symbol: what you need to know about chips


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Gaming chips: what are they and how to use them.

Game chips are the currency of each and every casino. They are only of value where they are issued. They are not usually available in other casinos or outside of the gaming venues.

In most modern casinos real money can only be used at the cashier's desk, at special exchange offices and in rare cases at dealer's tables (only for exchange for chips). For everything else, from betting to buying drinks and tipping staff, you can only pay with chips.

Gambling chips make life a lot easier, both for visitors and the staff of the gambling establishments. Here are the advantages they offer:

* Players do not need to carry a lot of money with them. It is enough to exchange cash for a few chips or buy them with a credit card.
* Chips are much easier to count. For example, it takes a matter of seconds to estimate the betting amount in chips at the gaming table, which is not the case with paper banknotes.
* Modern playing chips are very difficult to counterfeit or steal, because they are protected in several ways at once.

History of Gaming Chips

Although the history of casinos began in the 17th century, gambling houses were still operating for a long time without chips. They only began to appear at the beginning of the 19th century to facilitate the work of croupiers and unify the means of payment. Prior to that, people could use different currencies and valuables for betting, which made understanding difficult and discomforting for players and casino staff.

The first chips were made from ivory, wood, clay, cardboard and precious metals. There were no strict rules and standards regarding the appearance of chips and materials for their manufacture. Criminals quickly learned how to counterfeit such chips, so they began to apply special protection. As a rule these were complicated patterns and drawings.

In the late 19th century chips began to be made from a mixture of clay and plastic. Usability of these materials became popular, and most casinos began to use these chips.

How are gambling chips made and protected?

Most of the chips encountered in modern casinos are clay-based, with the addition of other materials (sand, chalk, calcium carbonate, plastic) to ensure good quality and long term preservation of their original appearance.

They are made by compression molding. First the chip is given its future shape and decor elements of different colours are added. If necessary, printed graphics are added to the chip, then it is heated and compressed in a special mould at a temperature of 149 degrees Celsius. This is a rather expensive and time-consuming process.

In the 1980s there was an alternative to clay - ceramic chips, the materials and production of which are somewhat cheaper. They are used by casinos who can't afford clay chips or simply want to save money. They are made by casting certain plastics and resins under pressure.To prevent counterfeiting and cheating, playing chips are protected by various methods, most often several at once. Among the most popular are:

* Applying a complex and high quality image with many details or ultraviolet markings to the chip;
* Using a special formula for the material used to make the chips - this information is never divulged;
* Chips set into chips of the highest denomination.

Design features

Each casino comes up with its own design for its branded chips, which may differ in shape, patterns, decorations and the like. However, there are certain standards for the colours of the chips that allow them to be quickly and easily distinguished by denomination. They apply to most American and world casinos:

* white chips - $1;
r* ed chips $5;
b* lue chips - $10;
* green chips $25;
* Black chips - $100;
* purple chips - $500;
* yellow chips - $1,000.

Often, according to this system colour and paint the playing tables, gamblers know in advance the size of the minimum bet in the game. At the same time casinos can easily produce chips in other denominations and designate them in other colours.

The rest of the design elements of the chips are not standardised. Each institution develops chips, the appearance of which best suits its style and atmosphere. To do this use company symbols, specially designed drawings and so on.

Gaming chips - a must of every casino, where gamblers come to have fun and earn a little money. The main thing to remember is that gambling should be treated responsibly