How to choose a bong?

How to choose a bong?

Watching a soccer can be more fun when it's interspersed with a bit of legal or medical cannabis smoking. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid always present interesting matches and watching them amidst a puff of delicious smoke is a good way to add to your enjoyment.But maybe you don't yet have the right device to use when smoking? We would like to present you with a guide to find the right bong for you.

Maybe you are a first time buyer. Or perhaps your current bang is broken, or you are tired of cleaning it, whether you only want a better bong or a more modern one. Whatever is motivating this purchase we realize that buying a bong can be complex. In addition, there are many places to buy from, but we suggest a trusted Bongs.

One of the factors complicating the purchase of a bong is that they are made of all kinds materials these days: glass, plastic, ceramic or wood. Glass is the material of choice for bongs. Plastic bongs are the cheapest and work as well. Ceramic bongs often come with psychedelic colors and interesting shapes and wooden bongs (often bamboo) are both durable and environmentally friendly.

The first question to ask yourself is how will you use your bong? We know about the obvious answer, but more precisely: in what environment will you use it? How many times per week ? Will you be the only ones using it? Will you take him with you on the road? How often will you clean your bong? All of these factors should contribute to your decision-making, whether your first or your tenth bong.

By the way, if this is your first bong, take good account of your lung capacity. If you buy a multi-tiered bong or one that is too big to be emptied at one time, you will probably not be satisfied. If you can't fill the bong with smoke, you do not maximize the potential of the bong. And if on the contrary you fill it but can't empty it, you will have to take multiple inhalations of smoke that is less fresh and less tasty.

In addition, big glass bongs are more likely to be broken. They are more bulky and should be stored away from any activity to reduce the chances of falling.If you are very careful and you will be the only one to use your bong, you can head to more "technical" bongs, which offer clear hits and maximum THC absorption. Plastic bongs are less classy, but work just as well. The taste of the weed is certainly less pure than with a glass bong, but a plastic bong can be taken everywhere without risking breakage. Some are even foldable to be transported more easily.

Ceramic bongs are usually smaller and heavier than their counterparts. Manufacturers can give them original shapes (mushrooms, gnomes, dragons, etc ...), at the risk of having a little trouble cleaning them later. The biggest disadvantage of ceramic bangs is that you do not see the water level inside. It will be hard to see if the water starts to be dirty or not.The wooden bongs are more authentic, and are used natively in Thailand or Jamaica.

Whatever bong you choose, we hope it brings you peace, happiness and joy.