Maroubra: Hot bed for cafe's in Sydney's east

Maroubra: Hot bed for cafe's in Sydney's east, by Greg Tingle

Coffee anyone? Have you thought of Maroubra Beach?

Maroubra has firmly established itself as a haven for coffee connoisseurs in the south eastern suburbs.

Its long been acknowledged that cafes are de rigeur in Europe and they're now taking their place in Sydney, as the meeting, greeting, hanging out, socializing and business meeting venue of choice.

Maroubra Beach is in a state of flux and revitalization, as the spin meisters put it.

One constant is that each weekend, the cafes and their staff, feel the heat; as both locals and visitors head for their establishments. Maroubra certainly has a cafe to suit all tastes.

Even on weekdays the cafes are experiencing healthy trade.

In McKeon Street alone, there are 5 cafes. It's starting to resemble King Street, Newtown or Crown Street, Surry Hills, without the congestion and urban sprawl.

Maroubra's most established cafe, The Pool Cafe, a short walk around the corner in Marine Parade, overlooks the famous landmark, Maroubra Rockpool. Further down the street, Pavilion Cafe sits right on the beach. Then there is Marine Cafe, conveniently located on the corner of McKeon Street and Marine Parade. Opposite the newsagency, is The Big Blu, which has earned a reputation by locals as the friendliest and most relaxing cafe at Maroubra Beach, but other café owners may be less subjective.

Big Blu owner, Steven says, "People like the fact that we are relaxed and unpretentious". He continues; "we also have the advantage of the winter morning sun, which bathes the café each morning. Customers enjoy the music we play".

Across the road is Mr Big Stuff. John offers a restaurant look and feel. "Big Stuff" has the unique advantage of being the only public internet access available at Maroubra Beach. Many local community meetings and parties also take place there.

The Zebra Cafe, a friendly family affair, has traditionally been the local surfers' cafe of choice, and features a heater to keep morning customers cozy. Their community noticeboard keeps locals informed as well.

The cafes are not Maroubra Beaches' only attraction. We should not omit the area's most popular club, the Maroubra Seals. Here you can not only get a reasonably priced meal, but delicious coffee and cake is also available.

Directly opposite "The Seals", is Maroubra Skatepark. It is well acknowledged that this amenity has brought extra business to the area.

I hear you pondering the effects of coffee on your health? Is caffeine good for you?

It is well documented that coffee stimulates the mind and the metabolism (slimmers take note). As well as coffee, traditional breakfasts are found at these cafes. These include bacon and eggs with wholemeal toast, vegemite with tomatoes and mushrooms, vegetarian breakfasts and an assortment of freshly squeezed fruit juices. Furthermore, most cafes offer soy, skim coffee and decaf alternatives, for the health conscious. A wide variety of teas are also available, with herb teas being extremely popular.

What moved me to write and article about cafes? Firstly, I am a self-confessed caffeine addict (not the "hard stuff"). When I worked for Telstra, as Business Development Manager, I managed half a dozen clients in the coffee brewing industry. My customers were most generous when I visited them. From here it snowballed.

"Will this article cost us anything"? This question was raised whilst researching this story. "No, just a cup of coffee when I pass by next time", I cheerfully replied.

Well, I've got another front-page news story to write. I'm off to visit some of the local cafes to pick up some scuttlebug, while I get another dose of Maroubra caffeine.

Directory of Maroubra Beach cafes

The Big Blu: Very friendly and relaxed, wide menu - Phone 9344 4929
Mr Big Stuff: Open plan, very relaxed, Internet access - Phone 9315 5631
Pavilion Cafe: Situated on the beach, voted "Best Cafe Restaurant" - Phone 8347 0055
The Pool Cafe: Overlooking Maroubra Rockpool - Phone 9314 0364 or 0407 221 027
Marine Cafe: On the corner of McKeon Street and Marine Parade - Phone 9344 9908
Beach View Cafe: Open 1st thing in morning, change from $10 possible - Phone 9315 5333
Zebra Cafe: Traditionally very popular with the local surfers - Phone 9314 1276


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