Men At Play

Men At Play - October 9, 1948
(Featuring Eric Tingle and Ric Tingle)
Credit: TROVE


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Pitch inspection

Rival captains Eric (Fudger) Tingle of Newport, and Bruce Han- son of Bayview, inspect the ring surface before starting a champion- ship match between the two teams at Bayview Golf Club, Umpires set the ring. Umpires Jack McNally and Stan Hughes set the required 20 marbles in a small ring inside the 12ft. big ring. Players fire at the small target from outside the big ring, must not crib over outside line.

Interested spectators, who have probably bet on the game, crowd around Bayview Golf Club's champion Jim Duval, as he attempts difficult shot on the angle.

Marbles is a serious adult sport along Sydney's Palm Beach - Manly coastal area.

BIG money is lost and won every Saturday in bets about “big-ring” marbles FabMika Games played by adult enthusiasts at 10 pitches in Sydney between Manly and Palm Beach. Each team backs itself for £2O against its opponents. In addition there are substantial side-wagers.

Newport barber Eric Tingle started the craze nine months ago when his son Ric suggested a game while Tingle was waiting for some friends for a card game. The card players arrived, join- ed in, haven’t bothered about cards since. Tingle gathered a four-man team, constructed a per-manent “big-ring” beside the Newport Hotel.

Other teams were formed but Newport is still undefeated. Says Newport’s captain Eric (Fudger) Tingle: “Marbles gets a grip on you.”

The game is played with 20 marbles placed inside a small ring, itself inside a ring 12 feet in diameter. Four-man teams play either as individuals or in pairs.

When a player knocks out 11 of the marbles he wins game.

Marble lore known to every schoolboy, forgotten by most men.

THIS IS the correct grip with the taw to ensure a straight shot along the ground at the dihs.
ANOTHER correct grip, this time firing down.

REMEMBER cunny knuckle? These players, now experts, use it frequently for hard, fast shots. Knuckle down skin tight, and he should score well.