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Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search

Google announces five changes to mobile search are coming soon. Here are all the details.


By Matt G. Southern

At today’s Google’s Search On conference, the company announced it’s rolling out five significant changes to how people search on mobile.

Starting today on the Google app for iOS, you’ll see shortcuts to various actions you can perform other than typing in a traditional search query.

In the coming months, Google is upgrading the mobile search bar with features that will help users find more relevant resultHowway Google displays results on mobile is about to change, becoming more visual with a greater focus on images and video.

Here’s more information on the updates rolling out today and in the near future.

1. Google Search Shortcuts

There are many ways to search Google beyond typing in a text query.

You can find products by uploading screenshots, translate text with Google Lens, or even find songs by humming into the microphone.

Now, on the Google app for iOS, all the advanced methods of searching Google will be more apparent with tappable shortcuts.

See an example below of what they look like:

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(Search Engine Journal)


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Greg Tingle

A most helpful and educational update by Matt via Search Engine Journal. To me it sounds and reads like Google powers that be have made some very solid improvements to Google Search, and specifically on the mobile front. I am curious as to actually how many of these changes have or may make their way into the desktop/laptop scenario, since the internet is becoming one so to speak. I've got mixed feelings about the humming / audio element, as much as I love good music.and even hummingbirds. Ha. If you are in the field, as a journalist or media agent, and deep undercover, you don't want any additional noises to potential derail a mission. Of course, there's always the off button and the phone settings, and this update has reminded me again to further check the settings and adjust to field conditions.and the mission before embarking on the hunt. Oh, aim for your target by making use of the technology options and try to avoid friendly fire. You can't be too careful with the Internet and Matrix of Things Agent Tingle out.