Publicity, media, image and creative makeover solutions to be offered for Australian sporting codes; Media Man agency to build upon body or work with Human Statue Bodyart, Leo Leo Burnett Australia and others

Publicity,media, image and creative makeover solutions to be offered for Australian sporting codes; Media Man agency to build upon body of work with Human Statue Bodyart, Leo Burnett Australia and others

Australian sporting codes to include NRL, AFL, Rugby Union, Cricket, Golf, Tennis and even boxing and MMA

Promotions Advertising Publicity Marketing

Website Network

Media Man Int Media Man Australian Sports Entertainment Media Man Network

Sports documentaries

Human Statue Bodyart leading pack for bodypainting, bodyart and costuming

Future Trends Group for technology and business model and R.O.I. Strategy

News Corp, News Local newspapers tipped to come to the party

FOX Sports Australia track record of supporting campaigns

Sports betting or Daily Fantasy Sports advertising, sponsorship opportunities will present

Project management by Greg Tingle and associates

Showbiz and creative arts entertainment to add life, colour and excitement to sports codes

The Star Sydney vs Crown Melbourne, Crown Resorts to recommence Aussie casino war

Fox Sports Australia and Nine's World of Sports key people showing interest


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'Best Dressed' Cricket Australia. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)



AFL. Adelaide Oval. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)

Gold and Silver living statues. Client: Foxtel. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Richard Bradley Productions. Cricket documentary almost in the can. More sports to follow


Cricket Australia



Bronze cricket living statue. Foxtel. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Go Aussie Go!




Models fine tuned to specific themed. Paramount Pictures


Messages On Hold. A long and successful history of ambushing Australian sporting events in a friendly way. The firm later went on to officially sponsor and support sports teams.

Go the West Coast Eagles!


Bavairan Beer. Will they take another risk on Barvarian Beer Babes?


V8 Supercars and Australian motorsport loves a bit of bodypaint. Mystique (X-Men: Days Of Future Past). (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


'Tomorrow Never Comes' (James Bond theme). Client: Leo Burnett Australia. Photography by Greg Tingle. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)




Skins. As the slogan goes, you can pay us! (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


The Star. Sydney, Australia. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Johnnie Walker themed golden models. Marquee Sydney. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)



Cricket. Tiger theme in progress. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Heavy Machinery. Photo art by Greg Tingle. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Corona bodysuit. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Australian themes. Tone it up or tone it down to suit the event and target audience


2DAY FM. Bodypainted models add excitement to radio! (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)



Balance Gym promotion and advertising campaign. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)



Golden Palace were one of the first to use cleaver bodyart themes in professional sports. Temporary (we hope) tattoo on boxers back


Sony Playstation party. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Models can be made to spec. Above: Smooth Chocolate Festival. Greg Tingle on site. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Coolmore campaign. Horse Racing and bodypaint can mix! (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Green Lantern


Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. Warner Bros. Games. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Golden bodypainted models. Photography by Greg Tingle. (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)


Carlton Mid. It's just not cricket! (Creative: Human Statue Bodyart)