Red hot month for RedSheriff on the web

Red hot month for Red Sheriff on the web, by Greg Tingle:
August 2003

It's been a red hot month for websites, particularly for portals and TV related websites.

Not by coincidence, Reality TV has also taken hold in the portals, with Network Nine's "Getaway" and "The Block" enjoying big numbers with NineMSN and "Australian Idol" delivering for Channel Ten.

What actually constitutes reality TV is indeed the question?

News media websites continue to maintain their stronghold on eyeballs.

Some critics are arguing that "the news" is more real than reality TV.

Smart Reality TV producers, like Brett Clement's of Hi't, have realised that consumers want more reality, and less contrived situations on Reality TV. Mediaman predicts that Hi't will soon be in the top 10 websites in the entertainment category in Australia.

In any event, the big numbers delivered by portals and reality TV shows this month, are very real indeed.

Statistics courtesy of RedSheriff

Top Performing Web sites for August 2003

Rank Site Publisher Unique Visitors % Change from July
1 Microsoft (Int.) 6,910,000 +14.0%
2 Ninemsn 6,070,000 -2.4%
3 Yahoo (Int.) 4,470,000 0%
4 Google (AU) 4,380,000 -6.0%
5 Hotmail 4,130,000 -8.0%
6 MSN 4,010,000 +11.1%
7 Google (Int.) 3,130,000 +2.3%
8 News Interactive 2,751,003 +9.1%
9 Yahoo (AU) 2,650,000 -6.4%
10 f2 2,373,968 +4.1%

Top TV sites for August 2003

Rank Site Publisher Unique Visitors % Change from July
1 BBC 807,000 +8.6%
2 Ninemsn 288,995 -2.5%
3 Ninemsn 247,737 +14.9%
4 MSN 235,000 -0.4%
5 Ninemsn 226,667 +24.2%
6 Yahoo (AU) 226,000 N/A
7 Austar 217,000 +55.0%
8 Ninemsn 214,974 -0.9%
9 SBS 211,586 +3.5%
10 Burkes Backyard 199,000 +8.7%

Predication by Mediaman director, Greg Tingle: It won't be long until Hi't is in the top 10 Red Sheriff rankings. Hi't is Australia's newest, and "realist" Reality TV show. Not only that, they have wisely signed up Greg Tingle, the king of reality!


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