Show Me the Money!

Show Me the Money!, by Greg Tingle

Show Me the Money!: a Guide to Fame, Fortune and Business Success, by Australia's Agent to the Stars

Media Man Australia's online home wouldn't be complete without a mention of this fantastic book.

The publicity machine himself, Max Markson, is sending us an inscribed copy, that will put us in great step to reach the next level of the Australian media and PR business.

Our book review will be released in the near future.



Book Review by Greg "Media Man" Tingle

Show Me The Money

Max Markson's, 'Show Me The Money!", is the life story of arguably Australia's top PR man.

The book is a must read for entrepreneurs, promotional types, and anyone else in need of some inspiration or motivation. It's a business story, but it's also about life.

Like the man himself, 'Show Me The Money' is a colourful, straight up, humorous and easily understood. Mostly.

Max starts out at 7 years of age, performing as a fish for his father's aqua performance business. Boy, have things changed since then. Max documents rock concert promoting, pie eating, belly flop and worm eating contests, dial-a-fruit-basket, part-time "Superman" gigs, all the way up to selling big stories to Australia's "current affairs" programs and promoting business functions with guest speakers including former Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Markson is the manager of stars. Some of his clients have included Bob Hawke, Ita Butrose, Linda Evangelista, Greg Matthews, Belinda Green, Jack Brabham, Kamahl, Pro Hart, Jane Flemming, "Aussie" Joe Bugner, Dawn Fraser and so many more. Granted, some were stars of sorts before making contact with Markson, but "Maxy baby" has more than helped keep them there. Max proudly proclaims, "I can make anyone a star", and who's to argue! What's the name of the fellow who wrote this very piece? "Maxy" has also worked for the corporates in various capacities. Some of these include 2WS, 2UE, Reebok, Sargents Pies, Norgen-Vaaz, "The Mean Machine", Women's Day, Channel 9, The Avillion Hotel and The Variety Club.

At first, the reader may get the opinion that Max is preoccupied with money - not so. This could merely be the work of vicious media "hounds" placing misinformation into the living rooms around Australia. Max explains that relationships are worth more to him than any amount of money. Having had the pleasure of Max's company, he does possess the personal touch. This guy is even known to break into song during interviews!

A little spoken about fact about Markson is that he is a generous giver to charities. The media have largely ignored this. Many millions have been raised by Team Markson over the years, and he has helped keep many charities and businesses afloat.

Like many of us, Max has suffered some loss and misfortune in his life. For example, he lost $10,000 on a deal gone bad, and was left with a T-shirt for his money. Additionally, wharfs collapsed, there's been lack of water to dive into, and so the list of past woes continues. Like the true champion he is, Max keeps paddling feverishly and clinching the big deals that other promoters can only dream of; with huge tidal waves of success following.

Marvel at the $500,000 Bob Hawke deal. That one broke Australia's chequebook journalism records. It's enough to force a journalist to be committed. And you thought Natasha Ryan was big!

Part of the books' appeal is that Max has turned the tables on the media. They now pay him, rather than the media charging "punters" and others, ridiculous amounts of money, just to get a guernsey.

Whilst reading the book, or even just a few chapters in; you will likely be inspired, entertained and mesmerized, even if its plausible to interpret the man as having delusions of grandeur. Obviously, all promoters and PR types need to have lashings of ego just to survive, let alone gain the confidence of clients, and the soon to be. There is no dispute that Max's enthusiasm is contagious.

In Max's own words, successful business is based on Persistence, Enthusiasm and Focus.

Read this book today, and you will be on your way to possessing everything you'll ever need to be wealthy in all ways imaginable.


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