The Billionaire Brands

The Billionaire Brands, by Greg Tingle


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We all know who they are, and what they're spruiking.

The brands are spearheaded by some of the most "powerful", or at least, wealthiest, people on the planet.

These are the super brands, created by marketing and media moguls.

One ponders how did some brands get so big anyway? Obviously, the founders of these goliath brands did many things right.

As the advertising and media landscape changes, so do the methods that these brands employ.

Unless you're comatose or have been hiding under a rock lately, you have seen the incorporation of brands into everyone's favourite - Reality TV.

Let's take a closer look at this powerful, and sometimes entertaining medium:

The Apprentice - Staring Donald Trump, founder of Trump Corporation, a property and casino tycoon.

The Billionaire - Branson's Quest For The Best. There is no escaping Richard Branson's Virgin!

The Block - The TV show seen on Kerry Packer's Channel Nine. This programme might was well be called Black & Decker. Let us not forget, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", hosted by Eddie McGuire.

World Wrestling Entertainment - formally known as World Wrestling Federation. Vince McMahon has taken the WWE all over the world, utilizing a multitude of media and marketing mediums.

KISS - that's right, this superb rock band is still a brand. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley & friends got it right when that coined "The Greatest Band In The Land". An extraordinarily powerful marketing company!

National Rugby League - the NRL. Whether we like it or not, "the footy" is a brand, and one need look no further than footy jerseys and the grandstand banners, to see that this is big business.

Newman's Own - At least Paul hasn't got into product placement or Reality TV.

What's the next "trick", as these and numerous other brands complete for "world domination"?

One can be confident knowing it will defiantly involve elements of product placement and mass media.

These billionaire brands will indeed stop at nothing to ensure that they are inescapable. They are completely in-your-face, and unless you head for the hills, its likely to remain that way.

Have we already become yet another "brand nation"?


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