Lauryn Eagle

Lauryn Eagle

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Lauryn Eagle is an Australian water ski champion, stunning model, Foxtel presenter and social and community entrepreneur

Mediaman became aware of Lauryn via our association with Grant Dwyer's Adpro Management.

One may speculate if Lauryn may be under consideration for a future role in a James Bond film or the like. She's certainly got the look, and the talent to back it up.


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Public thank you for Lauryn Eagle for her participation in numerous Mediaman campaigns


Water Babe - January 2008
(Credit: Jetstar Magazine)

Adrenaline-charged TV show, Ra, is back on Foxtel and with a hot new host, Lauryn Eagle, a World Water Ski Racing Champion and Miss Teen International.

How did you get into water-ski racing?
We’ve had three generations in our family – grandpa, dad, uncle and my younger sister. It’s in our blood. I was addicted the first time I tried it [aged four].

Is it dangerous?
Yes, it can be. My uncle and dad had very serious accidents and I have even lost a friend through the sport. But I think when you have a passion for something and love it so much you just block stuff like that out. That’s what I do.

Tell us about hosting Ra.
The show covers anything to do with a board – so wakeboarding, body boarding, surf boarding. It has an audience of adrenaline junkies; I’m one myself. I also do a lot of surfing and I can relate to the people in the surfing community on the show, like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Taj Burrow.

What’s the best thing about hosting Ra?
Presenting something that I love – adrenaline, sports and anything to do with water.

The worst thing?
When we were shooting one day it was pretty cold and I had to get into my bikini and get in the water.

Anything weird happen on the set?
I had a wardrobe malfunction far more x-rated than Janet Jackson’s.

What’s it like being a chick in a guy’s world?
I’m not a prissy girl. I’m a bit of a tomboy. I love my sport. I love footy. I think I fit in quite well.

What’s the goss’ on Ra co-hosts, Australian surfers Stuart Bedford-Brown and Barton Lynch?
They’re both really, really cool dudes. They’re total surfer boys – really down to earth and fun-loving. They’re the same on-screen as off – they don’t put on an act.

You’re also studying commerce at Wollongong Uni. How do you fit everything in?
I barely sleep. I don’t have much time to watch TV or spend time with my friends, which they get a bit cranky about, but they understand.

Got a boyfriend?
I’m a single woman. I’m very turned off boys at the moment. I think they’re all the same.

Which are your top water-skiing spots in New South Wales?
Hawkesbury River; Botany Bay/Georges River; between the heads of Sydney Harbour; and Forster. – by Hugh Baldwin