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RedLightCenter’s 3D Site Offers Sex, Retail Shopping, By Rhett Pardon -
May 18, 2006
(Credit: XBiz)

LOS ANGELES — Utherverse Inc. on Thursday launched a beta version of, a virtual multiuser community that includes live chat and email.

Utherverse is betting the 3D site, where users can experience social interaction as well as “unrestricted” sex, will lead visitors to an array of stores that include adult products, including sex toys, condoms, adult videos and sexy lingerie.

Utherverse President Ray Schwartz told XBIZ that the stores are individually owned and that his company only operates the virtual world.

“[Users] can even try out various sex toys or try on new outfits to see how they might look on their avatar before deciding whether to purchase,” Schwartz said. "We're also looking from online adult sites that might need want traffic."

The adult community is not the first sexual role-playing 3D online site.

Last year, ClubJenna launched membership site “VirtualJenna,” which starred the likeness of Jenna Jameson and co-starred Club Jenna and Vivid content models. That game, developed by Vancouver, Canada-based XStream3D Multimedia, allows users to direct simulated sex with the models, including extras such as facial cum shots.

San Diego, Calif.,-based Naughty America also is developing a virtual production that will be available this summer that allows players to embark into back alleys, sex shops and video arcades for a sex mate. “Naughty America: The Game” will be a membership site that includes advertising.

RedLightCenter’s production, said to target the 21-49 year-old female demographic market, offers much of the same features as Naughty America’s — the prowl for sex on the streets — but the intention is retail purchases.

“Exploring through their avatar characters, users can have fun dancing to live music, viewing some of the world's most erotic art, or watching a sexy show,” said Schwartz, who noted that the production of the game cost $10 million and took nearly four years. “For a completely different experience, women can live out fantasies such as being an erotic dancer in 'The Night Candy Gentlemen's Club.’”


Company Profile


Just as the Internet's success largely began with adult entertainment, the first of many intended 3D cities is, which opened in May, 2006. Patterned after the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam, RedLightCenter .com is a community of open minded adults who are real people from across the globe. Although Utherverse operates the software, all the businesses that populate the city are independently owned and operated.

The Utherverse concept is so compelling, that when people ‘get it’ they realize that it is an inevitable evolution of the Internet.  The effect is so profound that Utherverse has been able to attract a dream team staff with the best of the best at every level in the company.  At the top levels of management, the team are also the owners and investors – having invested many millions in cash, and millions of dollars of value in the form of labor and support from companies they control.



Virtual Vancouver

Virtual Vancouver is a social experience within a 3D virtual reality space, known as an MMOR (sm) (massively multi-user online reality (sm)).

Virtual Vancouver is the Internet’s most sophisticated and advanced adult virtual reality universe. Our online erotic community site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores.

In addition, we offer Community Events, such as parties, classes, meeting rooms, live music with dancing and art-gallery openings. These events are broadcast within the online universe. Users also have the ability to put on their own events to real audiences in the Virtual Vancouver Theaters.


Red Light Center is a Massively Multiplayer, 3D Virtual World for adults. This channel showcases video taken at parties, events, strip clubs and everything in between. Users also submit their videos. Check back often for all of the newest and hottest videos. Our community is only for adults that are over 19 years of age.