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The Young Doctors was Australia's longest running drama serial and was a ratings winner in the UK as well as in other countries around the world. The show launched with an initial hour long pilot episode in 1976 and by the time that the Albert Memorial Hospital closed its doors for the final time in 1982 it had clocked up a further 1396 half hour episodes.

Viewers as far away as New Zealand, Angola, the Bahamas, France and the Netherlands were hooked on the romance and drama of The Young Doctors. The Albert Memorial Hospital was run like a well oiled machine by medical superintendent Dr Brian Denham (Michael Beecher) and his ever efficient secretary Helen Gordon (Lyn James). Kiosk lady Ada Simmonds (Gwen Plumb) kept the gossip flowing, orderly Dennis Jamison (Chris King) was the joker of the pack and Sister Grace Scott (played by Home & Away star Cornelia Frances) kept the flighty young nurses in line with a rod of iron. The show was awash with sexy young nurses and hunky doctors including Nurse Jo Jo Adams (Delvene Delaney), Nurse Tania Livingstone (Judy McBurney), Nurse Sherry Andrews (Karen Pini), Nurse Maggie Gordon (played by Neighbours regular Jackie Woodburne), Dr Peter Holland (Peter Lochran), Dr Tony Garcia (Tony Alvarez) and Dr Greg Mason (played by Australian Idol judge Mark Holden). Then we had the prickly Dr Graham Steele (Tim Page), the abrupt Dr John Forest (played by Alan Dale of Neighbours and Ugly Betty fame) and the suave senior surgeon Dr Raymond Shaw (Alfred Sandor). The series also featured a very young Russell Crowe in his television acting debut and Joseph Furst who played the evil Dr Metz in the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever.

Umbrella Entertainment ( have released two volumes of classic episodes from the show on DVD - 'The Young Doctors - The Best Romances' and 'The Young Doctors - Classic Cliffhangers.' These DVD's have been selling like hot cakes and now fans are campaigning to have the entire series released on DVD in chronological order.

"I have been approached by a lot of fans asking if the whole show will be released on DVD in chronological order," said Darren Gray of Darren Gray Management who represent a number of The Young Doctors cast members and who also represent Alan Coleman who produced, directed and wrote the series, "I know that the programme has a strong and loyal fan base and I'm certainly throwing my weight behind this campaign to release every episode of the show in regular monthly instalments.

"Umbrella Entertainment have recently announced that they'll be releasing the whole of Sons & Daughters on DVD and A Country Practice and Prisoner (Cell Block H) are already being released in their entirety so we know that a massive audience exists for classic Australian drama serials.

"In addition with a brand new version of The Young Doctors about to be produced in Australia I would suggest that now is the ideal time for the release of the original series - viewers can enjoy the new show whilst also revisiting the classic episodes to see where it all began."

So if you are a fan of The Young Doctors and would like to see the entire series released on DVD you are urged to e-mail Umbrella Entertainment to show that the demand exists for this to happen. E-mail Andrew Mercado at


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