Baywatch Heatwave

Baywatch Heatwave

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How To Play
Get your feet wet with the hottest slot game action this side of Malibu. Baywatch Heatwave with Rescue Bonus™ is the 5-reel slot game that turns up the heat, and the winnings.

Baywatch Heatwave has two bonuses and plenty of 5-reel, 9-line action. Reach the Rescue Bonus and you can roll the dice on your favourite Baywatch lifeguard. In the Decision Time Bonus, choose the lifeguard that floats your boat to try to earn the big payout. No matter how you look at it, this game is hot.

Baywatch Heatwave has 9 paylines. You can bet 1-5 credits on each payline.

Click the 1 Per Line button to bet 1 credit on all 9 paylines.
Click the 2 Per Line button to bet 2 credits on all 9 paylines.
Click the 3 Per Line button to bet 3 credits on all 9 paylines.
Click the 4 Per Line button to bet 4 credits on all 9 paylines.

Click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum, which is 5 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 45 credits, Bet Max will bet all of your remaining credits.

Click the Play button to spin the reels.

If you do not want to bet on all 9 paylines, you can click the button to the left of the payline that you want to bet on. You can bet on any of the paylines this way, and you can bet up to 5 credits on each of the paylines that you choose.

Rescue Bonus
Earn the Rescue Bonus by getting three Rescue Bonus life preserver symbols on a payline on which you have bet. When you trigger the Rescue Bonus, select your favourite lifeguard to host you through your bonus round adventure.

Once you arrive at the Rescue Bonus board, click SPIN to roll the die in the middle of the board. Your award tracker will move along the Bonus board in a clockwise direction the same number of spots as on your die roll. For your first roll in the bonus, your game piece starts off the board, so your first step is onto the red Lifeguard Tower award section.

When your award tracker stops on a section, you add the award value associated with the section to your award multiplier. You have three chances to roll the die and get your award multiplier total as high as possible.

If your game piece lands on the Mystery spot, your award tracker will advance to another spot on the board, selected completely at random.

If your award tracker stops on a red Lifeguard Tower section, be on the lookout for a serious payout. The Super Wheel Bonus is activated and you can win mega-awards. If you make it to the Super Wheel Bonus, just click SPIN and see where the award tracker lands. After you click SPIN, you will earn on the award corresponding the slice on which you land.

At the end of your bonus round, your Total Bonus Award is calculated by multiplying the bet on the payline that triggered the bonus times the awards multiplier that you accumulated. The larger your bet, the larger your bonus award.

The Game Console provides information and access to additional features:
Your current balance in your chosen currency
Your total number of credits
The denomination in which the game is being played. This represents the value of each credit.

The Meter Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the denomination in which the game is being played, the number of credits paid if a win occurred, and the number of credits bet on the last/current proposition.


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