Corporate Witch

The Corporate Witch is more commonplace in today's society than one might first imagine.

Mediaman is delighted that we have engaged the services of a corporate witch, Sarah Kulkens.

Sarah Kulkens brings with her a wealth of experience, and magical powers, and is a 7th generation physic.

Sarah will focus on positives, and only on the rare occasion it is expected that she will need to go further into her repertoire to confront dark forces in the business world. Examples of the dark forces Sarah may attack include the likes of AWB, HIH, Enron, Charles "Fantasy Island" Gant, Virgin Star, and you get the idea.

It is expected that a major Australian current affair programme will soon be running a story on the roles of corporate witches, and we believe that there's none better than Sarah Kulkens.

Press Release

6th June 2006 / 6/06/2006


Media Man Hires Corporate Witch To Fight Stalkers

Leading media and publicity company, Mediaman, has hired a corporate witch.

MMA director, Greg Tingle, has engaged the services of 7th generation physic (and white witch), Sarah Kulkens, in his quest to have a few loose ends taken care of.

Like Tingle, Kulkens is no stranger to controversy or the public eye. Kulkens was trained by her late mother, the iconic and mysterious Kerry Kulkens.

Mediaman has been wrestling with the idea of hiring a corporate witch for a number of months, but has made it official after some traditional means of fighting of a few stalkers and “bad guys” still left room for improvement.

Tingle said, the first time he had heard of hiring a corporate which was when his former (very short term client) Charles “Fantasy Island” Gant hired one a number of years ago (but Gant had menacing objectives).

Tingle says, “From time to time the witch will be instrumental to turn the heat up on particular companies and individuals. “Fantasy Island” Gant, Gabrielle “Virgin Star” Maas, Danny “Hustler” Sy and allegedly corrupt immigration officers at Heathrow Airport are all on the radar. I won’t be surprised if Sarah’s powers lead me (and our news crew) right to them”.

Kulkens says, “I’ve worked with some very interesting people over the years, and Greg Tingle is right up there. His intentions are good. He knows the time has come to implement non-traditional and somewhat controversial means to achieve some of his objectives. Greg is currently pursuing a number persons of interest, and we know we can assist with that. The other day I heard a rumour that Greg was assisting the Australian Federal Police Homicide Squad in relation to the Gordon Wood – Caroline Byrne matter, and that sounds like something we might be interested to assist with. Magic works in mysterious ways”.

On this 6/06/06, more than the hounds of hell are going to be let loose on the world. Your newsroom could be next!

About Sarah Kulkens
Sarah is a 7th generation physic and the director of Kerry Kulkens Magic Shop. Sarah has been developing her (witch) craft since virtually birth.

About Mediaman
Director, Greg Tingle, is recognised as one of Australia’s leading media managers and publicists. The company works with TV, Radio, Press, Events, Internet and People. They now work with a witch also!


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