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Lunar lunacy lurks in the shadows 9th August 2006 - Berwick Leader

Is your skin crawling today? The answer may be a little over your head or at least it will be by nightfall.

With the next full moon due tonight (August 9), clairvoyants and police are expecting to be busy.
Pakenham police Sen-Sgt Trevor Teer said although reported crimes clocked in on average on the last full moon, willing night shift staff were always difficult to find at that time of month.

``We seem to get a lot of activity around that time,'' he said. ``People hate working night shift on a full moon. It may just be an urban myth. I don't know.''

Local clairvoyant and witch Sarah Kulkens said there was nothing mythical about Sen-Sgt Teer's suspicions.

Ms Kulkens, who operates in the hills regions, said she got an influx of depressed, emotional and agitated clients every time the full moon swung around.

``It's a very powerful planet compared to the others,'' she said. ``It has a very strong pull on the earth.

``The energy of such a planet really affects us.

But astronomer Gavan Dinsdale, of the Latrobe Valley Astronomical Society, put full-moon behaviour down to our active imaginations.

``The only thing associated with the full moon is more light,'' he said. ``You can see shadows moving and things are generally spooky.''

Ms Kulkens advised anyone feeling down to consider the possibility it is the moon at work and to remember that it will pass.