The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur

A Media Man Australia production

'The Entrepreneur' aka 'Australian Entrepreneur' is a TV pilot showcasing many of Australia's, and indeed, the worlds, up and coming entrepreneurs.

The series will contain elements of both both the Reality TV and documentary genres.

Many of the business and entrepreneurial concepts in the programme have been tried and tested by the programme director, producer, writer and promoter, Greg Tingle.

Media Man Australia is currently accepting video / DVD and written applications for 'The Entrepreneur'.

It is acknowledged that some comparisons can be made between 'The Entrepreneur', 'The Apprentice' and 'The Rebal Billionaire: Branson's Quest To Be The Best'.

In December 2004. Greg Tingle's Media Man Australia was selected to head up the media and public relations for Bob Winstead's, 'Entrepreneur$' The Reality Show. Plans are on the way to film at Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland.

It is expected that people and companies already doing business and in liaison with Media Man Australia, will receive special consideration. Media Man Australia is constantly in contact with many entrepreneurial types.

Face to face meetings and concept presentations have been conducted with entities such as Whitsunday Shire Council, Tourism Whitsundays, community leaders and travel companies, and the feedback has been very encouraging. Media Man Australia has also achieved the right to film without having to pay film location levy's and council fees.

Note: video / DVD and written material will not be returned to the sender, as the logistics make this not feasible.

In addiction, Media Man Australia is also accepting 'Publicity Stunt!' visual and written proposals.

'Publicity Stunt!' is a programme that contains nothing but publicity stunts! If you have been deciding what to do with " that footage", or are planning something that you think will make the grade, video tape it, and send it to us, and we may just make you famous!

Note: The above projects are in their early stages, and no guarantee is provided that they will be eventually aired on television in Australian or Internationally. Best effort will be made to successful pitch the pilot to an Australian television network for broadcasting.

Corporate enquiries are welcome.

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