Gangland widow's publicity covered

Gangland widow's publicity covered - 14th April 2004
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

CELEBRITY agent Max Markson denies it, but underworld matriarch Judy Moran says he tried to secure her as a client before she signed with Harry M. Miller to write a book about the death of her two lovers and two sons in Melbourne's gangland slayings.

Quoted in the The Australian newspaper yesterday, Markson said he would not take a client like Ms Moran on board.

He would find it difficult to "fundraise for charities one day and then do something like this the next" he told Confidential yesterday.

Markson said he had clients including Bill Clinton, George Bush and Nelson Mandela and the mix just wouldn't be right.

This is despite having represented Irena Hatfield, who was charged with the murder of her husband, was later acquitted, and then wrote a book about it.

But Mrs Moran, wife of murdered gangster Lewis Moran, yesterday told Confidential that Markson had targeted her as a potential client and called her at her Melbourne home late last Thursday night.

"He called me at about 10 o'clock Melbourne time and asked me if I'd like him to represent me," Mrs Moran said.

"I told him that, at this point in time, I'm not sure – that's it's very late and I'm very tired.

"Yes, most definitely. He wanted to represent me."

Markson denies seeking Mrs Moran as a client, although he admits a book about her life would be a "best-seller".

"I was not hassling her, I was returning her call. I didn't even know who I was calling back," he said.

"I spoke to her lawyer on Thursday night and then again on Friday, but the contact came from them."


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